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Uitzi and  Gorriti are twoplaces worth visiting for the beautiful urban center with imposing mansions.

From the Kornieta wind farm, which is accessed by a track that leaves from the Usategieta hill, you will have an impressive view of the surroundings with meadows, forest and livestock surrounded by mountains.

To the north of  Leitza is the Añarbe reservoir. Through  passes "the ancient railway of Plazaola" which connects Andoain and Lecumberri, a village with some historical and artistic buildings and from which you can ascend by road to the  Sierra of Aralar, which offers excursions for mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts.

In the town of Astitz the cave of Mendukilo stands out, a cavity in which three spectacular rooms can be contemplated, with beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and dimensions that reach 60 meters in length and 20 meters in height. At the top of the mountains range, at 1.341 Meters of altitude is the sanctuary of  San Miguel de Aralar. The surroundings of the sanctuary offer beautiful views of the Sierra de Andía and Arakil Valley corridor, from where you can also access the sanctuary through a track .


The town in which the municipal council of the same name is located is made up five other twons in the Leizarán region,  38 kms. from Pamplona. The beech forests are the more extensive, especially in the central area of its district. There are some small islets of oaks, as well as pure ash trees, in addition, stands of distinguished pine, Japanese larch, etc. have been repopulated

¿Did you know that?

  • Its 18th century town hall was rebuilt in 1917 and has gallery nine arches on the first floor.
  • Aritz-Ireber dolmen station is located in the district, specifically the Bioztan I and II dolmens.
  • The parish church of San Miguel, has a latin cross floor plan with chapel between buttresses and a baroque high altarpiece in its marblework.
  • There are three bridges made of ashlar stone and only one eye on the Leizarán river, and a small bridge on the Erroizte river.
  • The Ingurutxo circular dance is preserved in the patron saint festival of San Tiburcio, August 11th.
  • Leitza is also known for its elite sportsmen and its park-museum dedicated to stone, Peru-Harri


  • Señorio de Bertiz Natutal Park
  • Cave of Mendukilo
  • Aralar mountain range
  • Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar
  • Plazaola greenway
  • Route of the Crómlech
  • Leurtza reservoirs
  • Route of the Aralar dolmens
  • Altarpiece of San Miguel of Aralar
  • Donamaria Tower

What to visit

What to see during your stay in the house


 3 km

Singular stone museum created by Iñaki Perurena in the middle of the mountain where Iñaki and his son Inaxio tell myths, history and culture in stone, like a 40-ton giant. It's 2 km away. from Leitza in the direction of Uitzi

Txindoki Peak

15 km

Visible from many parts of thr Basque country, is the benchmark of the Sierra de Aralar. Its sharp limestone peak and its edge, emblematic is for alpinists and lovers of climbing.

Zubieta Mill

15 km

Built in 1875 as a royal mill is today an active ecomuseum, a place where It seems that time has stopped. His Miller continues to use his hands and tools of yesteryear to crush wheat and corn and you can make your own cake.

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